Vodafone, Orange, BT, Xtra Telecom and Alai, sanctioned by the 902

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The National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) has sanctioned the telecommunication operators Vodafone Spain, Orange Espagne, BT Spain (currently Evolutio Cloud Enabler), Xtra Telecom and Alai Telecommunications Operator by offer companies the contracting of 902 lines in exchange for an economic benefit.

In a statement, the CNMC considers that these operators have made improper use of this numbering, since the regulations expressly prohibit the remuneration of companies that contract this “smart number” in which the consumer pays the entire call.

The events occurred between December 2016 and May 2019, depending on the operator, and represent a serious infringement of the General Telecommunications Law, since it implies non-compliance with the conditions determining the attributions and the granting of the rights to use the resources included in the numbering plans.

All sanctioned operators have ceased the practice of infringement for over a year and all, except Vodafone, have recognized the responsibility and have already paid the sanction imposed by the CNMC.

Specifically, the Commission has imposed a sanction of 37,000 euros on Vodafone Spain, 39,000 euros on Orange Espagne, 5,400 euros on Xtra Telecom, 72,000 euros on BT Spain and 13,800 euros on Alai Telecommunications Operator.

Companies contract lines 902 to centralize the services they offer their customers under the umbrella of the same number. It is a “smart number” that allows companies to know from which geographical place the call is made or at what time and this information allows them to improve their customer service. However, the price of these calls is higher for consumers than calls to geographic numbers and it is a number that is not included in the flat rates, which are the majority in the hiring of telephony services, allowing the operator set the price it deems appropriate.



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