Volkswagen News: VW Supervisory Board has to postpone planning round

Transporter production at VW in Hanover

At the moment it is still unclear which models will be produced in the factory in the future.

(Photo: dpa)

Düsseldorf, Berlin The next cut at Volkswagen: The decision on the investment volume for the next five years, the so-called planning round, is to be postponed. This was reported on Thursday from corporate circles. Originally, the supervisory board was supposed to decide in mid-November how around 150 billion euros would be distributed to around 120 production sites worldwide by 2025.

The negotiating partners from management and the works council obviously need more time at Volkswagen, and many questions are still open at the moment. The planning round should now be completed by the end of December. The company did not want to comment on the information.

The commercial vehicle plant in Hanover is particularly in focus. In the parent company of the VW Bullis, new electric models from Porsche and Audi were actually supposed to be manufactured in order to continue to use production capacity in the future, since van models are now being produced in a Ford plant in Turkey, for example. Almost exactly a year ago, the VW supervisory board decided in the last planning round that the van factory should receive the new electric models from Porsche and Audi.

But the resolutions from November 2020 could soon be wasted. The Stuttgart sports car subsidiary in particular is considering having the new electric cars produced in-house rather than by VW in Lower Saxony. Porsche is now withdrawing its commitment to the joint production, which threatens a gaping gap in Hanover, it was said in corporate circles. That is why we are now looking for ways in which the work could be filled in other ways.

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Internally, the works council has sharply criticized the plans of the sports car manufacturer. It was said that the employee representatives were primarily responsible for this on Herbert Diess, as he, as the highest group boss, allowed Porsche to change plans.

In the past few days, the relationship between the board of directors and the works council had tightened. The trigger was the dispute over the participation of CEO Herbert Diess in the next works meeting in the coming week. Originally, Diess then wanted to travel to investors in the USA. After massive pressure from the works council chairman Daniela Cavallo, Diess revised his decision and agreed to participate.

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