“Vote for Williams Racing’s Gulf-colored livery for 2023 F1 season: Heritage, Contemporary, Visionary or Bolder than Bold”

2023-05-26 13:30:42

Williams Racing has asked fans to vote on a special ‘Gulf-colored’ livery for the second half of the 2023 season. Williams Racing has designed four livery options. The most popular coloring will be used for the team’s FW45 at the F1 Singapore GP, F1 Japan GP, ​​and F1 Qatar GP.

Gulf wanted to repeat the well-received one-off arrangement it had with McLaren at the 2021 F1 Monaco GP, but added a twist with a vote and a different race set in its tie-up with Williams. The four liveries are named ‘Heritage’, ‘Contemporary’, ‘Visionary’ and ‘Bolder than Bold’. The first is a livery reminiscent of that used by McLaren, intended to reflect the Gulf’s early days in sports car racing alongside Ford and Porsche, while the other three are more contemporary. It is an interpretation. Williams Racing F1 team principal James Bowles said he prefers a version that reflects the Gulf’s history. “I can look back on those times as being a great time in motorsport,” Bowles said. “It’s more about racing than anything else. And the Gulf livery, the GT40 and the Porsche livery, it’s just so iconic.” “I’m excited.” “It represents our sport, it represents our history, and two brands with huge legacies come together. So this color works well. It’s not the color itself, but the legacy nature behind it.” Bowles said the more modern take on the Gulf colors was meant to reflect the changing demographic of F1. says that there are “Formula 1 has a very different audience. There are brands that are historical icons, but there are also many different modern twists, and that’s what makes Formula 1 what it is today. “And that’s what I appreciate about F1. F1 has grown a lot in the last 10 years. Looking at the spectator base, it’s not just that it’s aging. No. Women and younger age groups are growing.” “And the livery is quite different, but quite similar. Racing F1 driver Alex Albon has said he likes the traditional style, as does his team boss. “For me Heritage is great,” said Albon. “I’m a simple guy, and I like clean lines. When I was a kid, I liked the race helmets that I used for business purposes, such as rotation and gradation changes.” I’ve moved on. I’ve grown up!” Williams FW45 Heritage Gulf liveryWilliams FW45 Contemporary Gulf liveryWilliams FW45 Visionary Gulf liveryWilliams FW45 Bolder than Bold Gulf livery

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