“Vu d’Ailleurs” N ° 57 – At the gates of Europe, Washington relocates the management of displaced Afghans

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Evacuation operations turned into carnage in Afghanistan. The United States suffered its worst loss in an outdoor theater in 10 years: at least 90 people were killed including 13 American soldiers in the double explosion near Kabul airport. Some local media report a death toll of 170 and 150 injured. Claimed by the Afghan branch of Daesh, the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP), the suicide attack shows that the Taliban are far from having control of Afghan territory. Rival terrorist groups can act with impunity.

Since their meteoric takeover following the US withdrawal, the Taliban have struggled to maintain some semblance of order in the streets of Kabul. In the days before the attack, the markets were crowded, traffic was blocked, the Taliban took over the ministries and arrested the looters – who will probably be pardoned; “Right now everyone is forgiven

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