Wafer duo, financial stocks rushed Taiwan stocks staged a tail show, rose 93 points to close at 17,490 points | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stock Market Trend

MSCI Mingsheng’s lowering of Taiwan’s shareholding took effect today (31). Selling pressure emerged in early trading. The index once fell by nearly 200 points and back-tested the 17,200 point level. However, the wafer duo and the financial group attracted low buys in late trading. The market entered the market, driving the index to stage a tail show. It rose by 93.77 points to close at 17,490.29 points. The quarterly line was lost and the transaction value was enlarged to 335.301 billion yuan.

After the foundry leader TSMC’s share price rose for many days, today’s morning retracement fluctuated under the market, once fell below 600 yuan, but a large number of buying orders flooded in late trading, pushing the stock price to the red, soaring about 1.5%. At 614 yuan; UMC, the second brother of foundry, turned from black to red at the same time, with a small increase of 0.5% in the end.

Observing the performance of other weighted stocks, Largan finally stopped falling and rebounded. The gains in the midday gradually expanded. The final price rose by 2.8%, closing the highest at 2680 yuan; MediaTek, Delta, Guoju, AUO, Novatek and other electronic stocks , The selling pressure is still quite heavy. Financial stocks that have recently been favored by foreign investors were generally adjusted during the intraday session. However, a large amount of funds suddenly flooded in late trading.

In the second half of the year, Sinosteel’s operations increased month by month. Today’s ex-dividend transaction issued a cash dividend of RMB 0.3 per share. The dividend was completed immediately after the opening. Yunqi lights up the daily limit, and stainless steel plants Yexing, Zhangyuan, Xingang have also risen by more than half of the limit, and Donggang, Fengxing, Yehui and others have performed well. The overall steel stocks rose 1.6% in the end, a bullish indicator for the disk.

In terms of shipping stocks, the three leading container carriers were under heavy selling pressure. Evergreen and Yangming fell by 1-2%. The bulk group of AVIC, Taiwan Airlines, Yumin, and Xinxing also fluctuated and fell. However, the four-dimensional and aviation doubles performed on the market. The final index of transportation stocks fell 2.2%, which was weak in the disk.

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