Walmart PS5 and Xbox Series X/S Renewed Today

New Walmart PS5 and Xbox Series X stock drops today, August 5th, and you’ll need exactly when it comes to getting one.

Today might be one of the best opportunities to get a PS5 or Xbox Series X/S. It looks like August 5 is the day Walmart drops all PS5 and Xbox stock.

the PS5 is already the best selling console of all time 10 million units have already been shipped, while the Xbox is also Microsoft’s best-selling platform. With over 17 million sold between the two, it’s no wonder there is a shortage!

Be sure to check out our PS5 inventory tracking for quick updates as new consoles stream:

Walmart PS5 and Xbox Series X/S Released Today – August 3

A reliable source claims that Walmart will have a huge stock of PS5 and a huge Xbox Series X today, August 5th. Find out when is the right time to buy your new console!

According to technology editor IGN Associate Taylor LylesWalmart will refill PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles today. Apparently, this information came from Walmart.

Only keyboards will be shipped. This is worrying news as many players are still Waiting for Walmart to ship their PS5 orders starting in July.

Walmart’s PS5 and Xbox Series X/S inventory goes live today, August 5, at 12:00 PST / 15:00 EST.

If you are not one of the lucky few to secure a console in this online inventory, you still have hope. apparently, Walmart holds PS5 inventory for entry store.

In fact, h PS5 stock shortage may end soon. This is because Sony has acquired millions of chips that are key components of the PS5.

Plus, Phil Spencer finally owns one The shortage has also been addressed in the Xbox Series X/S. Things are starting to look up the availability of the next generation of consoles.

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