Wanchai Da Ronghua graduates on 8.28, God of Cookery Taotao: eclipsed to the point of dizziness

Wan Chai Tai Wing Wah

A number of old-fashioned restaurants have been closed due to the epidemic. Following the century-old Lin Heung House in Central, another well-known restaurant, Tai Wing Wah Wai Village Cuisine in Wanchai, will also close at the end of this month. The managing director of Yuen Long Tai Wing Wah Restaurant, known as the “God of Food”, said frankly that his business was losing money during the epidemic, and Wan Chai was even more “stunned”.

Veteran media person Wang Manling recently shared a number of photos of a lunch party with Taotao, the God of Cookery, and others on Weibo. Wang Manling lamented that the century-old Lianxiang Lou was closed due to the epidemic, and revealed that Wanchai Daronghua also plans to close its doors on August 28. She also revealed Tao Tao’s feelings about the epidemic: “Brother Tao is so frank, the business is not good, there is no food, and there is no one to rent the basement, and the tone is not good!”

Liang Wentao, the God of FoodLiang Wentao, the God of Food

Liang Wentao, the God of Food

As can be seen from the photos, Tao Tao’s stature has been reduced a lot, but he is very energetic. In fact, Tao Tao revealed in 2020 that the catering industry is entering a cold winter. He is in charge of the three Da Wing Wah restaurants in Yuen Long, Kowloon Bay and Wan Chai. During the period, the business was in a state of loss, and Wan Chai was even more “stunned”.

Da Rong Wah is an old-fashioned restaurant in Hong Kong. It specializes in village dishes, mainly with traditional Hong Kong country flavors. Its special “Wai Village Cuisine” includes steamed chicken in copper bowl made from chickens raised on the 28th in Yuen Long, and fresh river fish raised in fish ponds in Tin Shui Wai. In the past, many high-ranking government officials, celebrities in politics and business, and TV producers were all guests.

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