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Wanda Nara and L-Gante were shown together on Instagram: flirtations, reproaches and confessions

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Wanda Nara and L-Gante shared an Instagram live

Wanda Nara and L-Ghent do not stop. Connoisseurs like few others of the media game, each one with their style knows how to be on everyone’s lips with their separate acts, and every time they get together they are dynamite. In recent days, the businesswoman and the singer began a flirtation that perhaps not even they know how it will end. They crossed into various virtual winks, they shared a clothing brand production of the businesswoman and they saw them having dinner together in a well-known restaurant in Puerto Madero.

This Thursday they added a new chapter by sharing an Instagram live. First they did it on a split screen, each one from their account, interacting withWith the more than 15 million followers of Wanda and the more than 5 of Elián. And then they surprised everyone by meeting virtually and physically, from the official profile of the businesswoman and in a room specially prepared for the transmission.

The main objective of the meeting was to promote the new sports line of the largest of the Nara, to the point that both wore the sports outfits of the occasion. But the informal conversation was full of winks at the possible relationship between the two, between drinking, complicit looks, awkward silences. and questions from the public who wanted to know what it was about.

Wanda Nara and L-Gante in the production of photos for the businesswoman's sports line
Wanda Nara and L-Gante in the production of photos for the businesswoman’s sports line

As expected, one of the first topics they talked about was their recent separations. “I didn’t know if you were married, if you were in a relationship”The businesswoman broke the ice. “I’ve been single for a while, I had to find the courage to say it”, replied the singer who later gave more details of this situation. It was when Wanda reproached him for not having written to her during her visit to Paris. “I thought you were with your things and you weren’t going to give me a ball,” Elián excused himself, and when Wanda asked if he was in a relationship, he confessed: “I think it was separated. Fighting no, because at that moment I was going to look for my daughter”. It is worth clarifying that the musician passed through the City of Light on August 16 last.

Not wanting to talk about their exes, they had no problem toying with a potential romance. “They relate to us because we would make a good couple”, she launched, entering the risk zone of rumors. And they started a game of seduction with all the possible ingredients.

L-Gante and Wanda Nara: What happens between them?
L-Gante and Wanda Nara: What happens between them?

The transmission was followed by an average close to 90 thousand users, with peaks of 95 thousand. There they agreed on the use of Photoshop and filters and differed in terms of managing networks. Wanda recognized that she was not doing well, and joked about his repeated blunders in the virtual universe. Instead, L-Ghent admitted to answering messages himself and heeding advice, even from strangers. “I also give you some advice, get up early, don’t drink alcohol”she proposed. “I’m relaxing everything to reactivate the music and walk calmly,” he said, while drinking an energy drink.

Later, Wanda played hard. “Would you invite me to eat at General Rodríguez? I invited you and paid, he pointed out in reference to dinner at a restaurant in Puerto Madero. Elián picked up the glove and promised to welcome him and cook for him. In addition, he said that he lives with some friends in a house “that is like three houses in one. They are kids who were half in any, that I rescued from there. In the slums life is hard”, he recounted.

Near the end, the businesswoman revealed her fears in the face of the new project that will unite them. “I’m very nervous, I love karaoke but I’m a disaster singing,” she admitted in relation to the new cumbiero song that will have her as the protagonist. And now, the advice was received by her: “One has to believe it at the moment of singing”. And regarding her plans for the future, Wanda announced that she will record a participation for big brotherToday he will leave the country, although he did not specify the date. And they allowed themselves a formal farewell after so much flirting.

—Thank you, Elian, for being here.

“Thank you for having me.”

Will continue…?


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