Warning shots after driver chase stolen car Inland

Around 4:30 am, the police received a report that a stolen car was driving on the A13 near Delft. A little later, officers caught sight of the car at Schieplein in Rotterdam. The police gave a stop sign, but the driver ignored it. He accelerated.

Assisting officers blocked the stolen car with a police car at Van Aerssenlaan. The driver tried to pass it at high speed, but hit the police car. Nobody was injured.

Escape attempt

The collision halted the closed car. The driver got out and fled on foot, with officers chasing. When he disobeyed orders, the police fired the shots. Then he could be arrested.

In addition to the driver, there were three more occupants in the car. They were also arrested. The suspects are three Rotterdam men aged 28, 35 and 35 and a 20-year-old Rotterdam woman.

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