Warren Buffett celebrates his nineties. He started investing at the age of eleven

Buffet conglomerates are involved in about 90 companies in various fields. In fact, there are also significant shares in a number of well-known companies, such as the world’s largest producer of soft drinks, Coca-Cola, which Buffett loves. And his empire was able to cope with the coronavirus crisis. In the second quarter, after a record loss in the first quarter, it increased its profit to $ 26.3 billion (587 billion K) from $ 14.1 billion a year ago, due to the growth in the value of its equity investments.

Operating profit, which Buffett sees as a better indicator of business performance, meziron fell 10 percent to $ 5.5 billion. The results included depreciation of $ 10.9 billion, of which $ 9.8 billion went to the Precision Castparts division. Berkshire bought Precision Castparts in 2016 for about $ 32 billion and the largest number of acquisitions in its history. The transaction thus surpassed a 77 percent stake in Burlington Northern Santa Fe’s $ 26 billion railroads business.

According to Reuters, Buffett is probably the most admired investor in the world, his views are the financial markets. He doesn’t like to take risks and not pay off debts. Pesto did not escape the recession either and saw a billion. According to Forbes magazine, he is the fourth richest hunter on the planet with an estimated $ 78.4 billion. Only Jeff Bezos, an Amazon online store, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, and Bernard Arnault, a French businessman involved in the luxury goods sales business, stand by.

He used to sell cans of coke, he now drinks them every day, and the first investment business made it at the age of 11. He bought the shares of Cities Services for $ 38 to subsequently sell them at a profit of $ 2. After several years, the company’s shares attacked $ 200, and that was when Buffett realized the importance of long-term investment.

He worked from last year

Warren Edward Buffett was born on August 30, 1930 in Omaha, Nebraska. His father was a stockbroker and an MP. In a billion years, Warren excelled in mathematics, and was able to figure out complex formulas. A lot of things, especially about investment. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, Nebraska and Columbia, where he obtained a master’s degree in economics. Pot worked, for example, in the fathers of companies and later founded the investment company Buffett Associates.

He then worked from the bedside and multiplied the property of his and his relatives: in 1956 and 1969 by 30 percent, when the market grew by an average of seven and 11 percent. In 1962, his company, Berkshire Hathaway, bought an uninhabited textile factory, which Buffett has been fully focused on since 1969, and has recently made the world’s fastest growing and most likely investment.

f Tesla Elon Musk was getting rich. On behalf of Buffett

Vraz philanthropist

Buffett is so talked about in connection with charity, for example, the Internet auction is popular with his part, which he acquired for more than 20 years for the Glide Foundation providing social services to the poor and homeless in San Francisco, a total of almost 35 million USD (880 million CZK). ). In 2010, together with Gates and his wife Melinda, he co-founded the Giving Pledge (Dt pslib) campaign, which encourages the world’s richest personalities to give up at least half of their names during their lives and donate it to charity. So far, two hundred rich people from 23 countries have joined the initiative.

Our investor, known as a representative called the tax for the rich, not billionaires. He is a relatively nenron in the house, which he bought in 1958 for $ 31,500. His only weakness is for luxury aircraft. Buffett also doesn’t care much about advanced technology. In May 2013, however, he started on Twitter and spn sent his first message in the form: Warren is at home.

With her late wife Susan m Buffett, those offspring, two of whom work for companies. In 2006, he remarried to Astrid Menks. Billion years ago, he reported suffering from prostate cancer at an early stage. Buffett found her a little sweat.


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