Warriors request Disabled Player Exception for Klay Thompson

Victim of a ruptured Achilles tendon, Klay Thompson will not play the season. as a result the Golden State Warriors have requested a Disabled Player Exception according to Shams.

It should be a formality for the NBA to grant this request because Thompson will not be able to return before the end of the season. The Warriors will then have an envelope of 9.3 million, the mid-level exception (for teams that pay the luxury tax, it’s limited to $ 9.3 million instead of 50% of the salary) to recruit an additional player via a trade (if the player is in the last year of his contract) or in the free agent market. This last option seems unlikely given the huge bill that the luxury tax franchise will have.

Note that in this case, the team has insurance, a Temporary Total Disability Policy, which will allow the Warriors to receive $ 275,000 for each game they miss beyond the 41st. this should allow the Warriors to recover $ 8.5 million


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