Was there an error somewhere? Minister Henry commissions independent study on waterway management

Walloon Minister in charge of Infrastructures Philippe Henry announced on Thursday that he wanted to “complete clarity “ on the information that the Walloon administration was in possession of in the hours preceding the deadly floods which devastated a good part of Wallonia last week, as well as on the progress of the actions taken in response to them.

With this in mind, the environmental minister asks the Public Service of Wallonia (SPW) on Thursday to publish “within 24 hours” all information relating to EFAS data (the European flood risk alert system, editor’s note). In the process, he also decided to order, at very short notice, a “independent analysis “ on the management of hydraulic channels, and in particular the regulation of water by means of dams.

The administrative procedures are underway to mandate a design office in the coming days and have conclusions at the end of the summer “, comments the Minister, in a press release. For him, this study should determine the information available at the heart of the crisis, its dissemination to the various levels concerned, and the decision-making process.

The minister also wants to know how hydrological forecasts are developed, and how they should be adapted if necessary. It also intends to see more clearly in the procedures and principles of infrastructure management upstream and during bad weather, and on the means to improve them. “This work, carried out objectively, is also necessary if we want to learn lessons for the future “, according to the minister. “I am committed to ensuring that the analysts have access to all the hydrological management services of the SPW Mobility and Infrastructures as well as to all the information and documents necessary to carry out their mission.”, he added, promising to deliver the results to the Walloon parliament.

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