Watch .. a bus chasing young people on the streets of Austria to receive the Corona vaccine

Under this slogan, “If you cannot come to the vaccination center, then the vaccine It will come to you wherever you are,” the vaccination bus set off in the streets of the Austrian city of Salzburg, to encourage citizens, especially young people, to receive the anti-Coronavirus vaccine.

The authorities in Salzburg, where the vaccination campaign is witnessing a relatively low turnout among young people, have operated a bus full of simplified vaccination procedures, as one only needs a personal identity card, according to the “Euro News” network.

Also, the medical authorities on the bus give those over the age of 18, the “Johnson & Johnson” vaccine, for easy storage.

A “vaccination” trip across the country

In a few days, the bus carried out 400 vaccinations in Salzburg, whose authorities are seeking to vaccinate 70% of its population before the autumn season, and for this the bus will continue its “vaccination” journey throughout the city.

And the latest Austrian official statistics showed that more than 655,000 cases of HIV infection had been recorded.

While about 5.2 million people received at least one dose of the vaccine, 58.2% of the total population of whom 4.2 million people, or 47.4% of the population, received the vaccine completely.

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