Watch: Sarah Al-Tunisi, “Are you waiting for me to meet the fate of Sharif Desouki”… What is the story?

The artist, Sarah Al-Tunisi, linked her recent crisis with Al-Adl Group in the scenes of the series “Civil War”, with the crisis of the artist Sherif Desouki, which ended with the amputation of his foot.

Sarah stressed that the latter’s condition deteriorated due to ignoring his complaint, which is currently repeated with her from the Syndicate of Representative Professions in Egypt, and she wondered whether she would meet the same fate, according to (Madam).

And she sent a sad message through her account on the social networking application (Facebook), and she republished it via the (Story) feature on her account on the photo-sharing application (Instagram), in which she said: The union that delayed looking into the file of the artist Sherif El Desouki in favor of the Justice Group until what happened A catastrophe, the same one who “parked” my complaint for more than 60 days, also, for the sake of the eyes of the Justice Group.

And she continued, “And the company that responded to Sherif El-Desouky’s claim for his right by filing a lawsuit against him for compensation of 5 million pounds, despite their knowledge of his health conditions, is the same that is asking me for 10 million pounds in compensation just because I am satisfied that I demanded my right.”

The letter concluded by saying: A question for the Representative Professions Syndicate: Are we waiting for a new catastrophe to happen so that we can say we are here and fake interest, conscience and justice?

And Sarah Al-Tunisi had previously taken steps to obtain her right from the Al-Adl Group Company, after she was excluded from the “Civil War” championship, despite filming half of her scenes in the series, and confirmed that the company asked her to apologize for not participating in five series in order to devote herself to the “Civil War” championship, then They excluded her without reason, and at the same time, the Justice Company filed a compensation claim against Al-Tunisi, demanding 10 million pounds.

And she published a picture of the memorandum submitted by her to the Syndicate of Representative Professions in Egypt, and commented on it, saying: “Al-Adl Group Company prevents me from contracting five works between Tunisia, Egypt and the UAE in order to devote myself to the series “Civil War” and then suddenly excludes me from working after filming half of the series without informing me of that Which caused me to leave the Ramadan season and caused me great financial losses.”

Sarah added, “Then when I reject this injustice, I am attacked, threatened, intimidated, and defamed, and then the company is not enough, as it is asking me for 10 million pounds in compensation! .. Who is asking who!?”.

Sarah continued, “In general, I am awaiting the results of the Syndicate’s investigations into the complaint I submitted against the “Al-Adl Group” company on 03/24/2021 through the office of Chancellor Ahmed Odeh.


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