Wave of burglaries in the village of Lillois: “This must stop”, worries Jeremy

Jeremy, a resident of Lillois-Witterzée, is worried. He triggered the orange Alert us button to inform us of a wave of burglaries which, according to him, affects his village located in the municipality of Braine-l’Alleud, in the province of Walloon Brabant. “There are more and more thefts from homes. What are the competent authorities doing?” he wrote to us, visibly upset by the prospect of being burgled. On social networks, worried residents share their fears, their experiences and wonder about the actions taken by the authorities.

About fifteen houses “raked” in a single night

Contacted by us, the police confirms that they have noticed an increase in burglary incidents in Lillois-Witterzée and in another part of its area, during the month of September. While the month of October was relatively calm, during the long weekend of All Saints’ Day, a dozen facts were reported to the authorities. A peak was reached on the night of November 5-6. “During that night, the authors raked around fifteen houses located rue Raymond Lebleux, penetrating from property to property by cutting fences”, reveals us the 1is Divisional Commissioner and Chief of Police Zone of Braine-l’Alleud, Stéphane Vanhaeren.

Dark months, where nights are long and days short, are more likely to fly

Police increase large-scale operations

“To stem this phenomenon and in the face of the concerns of citizens, security operations were organized on the nights of November 12 to 13, as well as the night of November 14 to 15. Thanks to this device, only one trace of break-in was seen on a window last weekend all over the police area, proving the effectiveness of the operations, “ welcomes the Zone Manager.

But how to explain this increase when many people find themselves teleworking from home because of the health crisis linked to the coronavirus pandemic? “Most thefts take place at night when residents sleep upstairs or when their home is unoccupied”, explains Stéphane Vanhaeren.

And to specify that this period, at the dawn of winter, remains a critical moment for burglaries. “The dark months, where the nights are long and the days short are more conducive to theft, despite the curfew decreed to limit the spread of the coronavirus“, could see Commissioner.

The Chief of Police would like to reassure citizens: “We remain very attentive to this problem and work in close collaboration with citizens. The police will not hesitate to increase security operations to stem this upsurge in burglaries.”

In Belgium, a burglary takes place every 12 minutes.

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