“We are on the right track” to reopen small shops “around December 1,” said Jean Castex …

8:40 am: “Super-contaminations”, fuel for a global fire

Places of worship, family celebrations or professional conferences: a few events alone lead to very many cases of Covid-19, and understanding this phenomenon of “super-contamination” can help to better fight the pandemic. More and more experts believe that the progression of this new disease is largely fueled by sudden outbreaks from just a few infected people.

When this happens, the virus is transmitted “to 10, 20, 50 people or even more”, while in the majority of cases, the chain of contamination on the contrary tends to be interrupted quickly, explains Benjamin Althouse, researcher at the Institute for Disease Modeling at the University of Washington.

It could even be that 90% of Covid-19 cases come from only 10% of those infected, he estimates. “It’s like throwing matches on kindling: the first and then the second, nothing happens, but suddenly, at the third, the fire starts and everything is set ablaze”, continues this expert.

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