“We are poorer than we imagine”: Pampita surprised with a singular disclaimer

Pampita has joined True Lozano and Flor Peña as one of the most relevant conductors of today. Although his cycle does not have such a great impact on rating measurements, his comments always attract attention and are replicated by social networks. In his last appearance in Net TV, Carolina referred to a current issue and managed to surprise again.

Sebastián Koroch, a specialist in marketing, was a columnist for the Ardohain cycle and was in charge of commenting on the country’s economic difficulties. In this context, he referred to what happened to the dollar and the presenter took the opportunity to consult him about the figure that the foreign currency could reach in the first months of 2021.

“I do not want to risk or give data, but I believe that the dollar tends to rise. The problem in Argentina is that… ”, replied the analyst. Unable to contain herself, Pampita was encouraged to give her verdict on what is happening in our country «The problem in Argentina is that we are poorer than we imagine. As a country we are not aware of how bad we are ».

For her part, Pampita is one of the lucky ones who can live her day to day without major financial shocks. After the end of his relationship with Benjamin Vicuña, made a fair arrangement for the support of his children. In addition, due to his thriving career on the catwalks and in driving, he also generates income that allows him to lead a high lifestyle.

Together with her new husband, Roberto García Moritán, the famous woman was able to move into a luxurious home with stunning views, an indoor pool, three floors, 7 bedrooms and more than 10 bathrooms. When this information was leaked, Carolina shouted to the sky and said that it is in “bad taste” to talk about money and exorbitant figures.

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