“We will have to vaccinate much more quickly and massively” – Dr Karl Weiss

The vaccination campaign that began on December 14 in Quebec should go much more quickly to protect in particular health personnel and ensure the continuity of health care in the province.

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According to Dr. Karl Weiss, a microbiologist-infectious disease specialist at the Jewish General Hospital, vaccinating these essential front-line workers is what will really put the brakes on the current health crisis.

“If you compare Canada to countries like Great Britain and the United States, proportionally, they vaccinated four times as much as we did. If we compare ourselves to the country that has vaccinated the most on the planet now, Israel, they have vaccinated 40 times more than us. They vaccinated all healthcare workers within 48 hours, over 300,000 people, for a total of 1 million people. In the United States, they vaccinated 4 million people, ”says the expert.

In Quebec, 30,473 people were vaccinated in 21 days, and we received 88,000 doses.

“We haven’t even used all of our doses,” says Dr Weiss.

Quebec has also changed the course of its vaccination campaign during the holiday season. Instead of keeping the 2nd dose in reserve, all doses are now used, and none are reserved for a second dose.

“I think in the context, the more people we vaccinate, the better it will be, at least for people at risk and health workers. In my own infectious disease department at the Jewish Hospital, we have not yet been vaccinated, so we are wondering, ”he notes.

He fervently hopes that the vaccination will accelerate.

“We will have to vaccinate much more quickly and massively. Once healthcare workers and people over 70 are vaccinated, 1.7 million people, the biggest impact will be on hospitalizations, deaths, and it will keep healthcare workers in good health. health. To achieve this, we cannot be satisfied with vaccinating 3,000 people a day, because we will have it for years, ”he explains.

In an interview with Mario Dumont on December 15, the person in charge of the vaccination operation in Quebec, Daniel Paré, indicated that the very large volumes of vaccines should arrive in April, May, and June.

“To date, 32% of the doses delivered and supplied in Quebec have been used and in theory, the federal government should tell us how many new doses we should receive per province each week.”

“Countries that started after us, like Germany, are catching up with us and I can bet you that within a week, Germany will be far ahead,” he concludes.


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