Weak electrical voltage can kill cornaviruses

Corona viruses can probably be rendered harmless with a slight electrical voltage, a research team at the University of Kassel (Germany) led by physics professor Martin Garcia found out how that “Hessenschau” reported. the Results the study were in the science journal nature communications released. The scientists used a computer simulation to simulate how the structure of the coronavirus changes when it is exposed to voltage.

The simulation had shown that the virus’ spike protein is particularly sensitive to electricity. As the structure of the spike protein changed, the virus could no longer dock on and infect human cells.

Air filter

Garcia told the “Hessenschau” that air filters, such as those used in classrooms, can be upgraded with little effort. Engineers at the University of Kassel are still researching exactly how this could work. The method could make the use of air filters cheaper, and filters inside the devices would no longer have to be regularly replaced when working with voltage, says Garcia.


The idea of ​​disinfecting pathogens using electrical voltage is not new. In the food industry, for example, voltage is already used for disinfection. However, high voltage is required to kill bacteria, while low current from conventional batteries is sufficient to render the coronavirus harmless.

Even in masks

Even if the main area of ​​application is likely to be air filters, it is theoretically possible to build a voltage-generating device into masks, said Garcia. These are then probably not suitable for everyday use, but for example for events in closed rooms.

Garcia pointed out that so far it is only about findings from a computer simulation. Biologists or experimental physicists have yet to confirm the effect they have found. However, Garcia’s team has already applied for a patent on the method.

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