Weather in Switzerland: danger of avalanches, strong winds and floods

Rain and meltwater have in some cases led to dangerously high water levels. In Valais and Central Switzerland, several roads are closed due to the danger of avalanches, and villages also had to be left. Further precipitation is forecast for Saturday.

In Saxe (VS) an avalanche breaks down over the vineyards.

Laurent Gillieron / Keystone

ran./ela./cov. Since Friday, white has given way to gray in the lowlands. The snow has melted, the rain fell in great quantities. The level of the water rises, and the Federal Office for Civil Protection (Babs) warns of floods and floods, especially in the foothills of the Alps. The Thur had reached the high water level at Andelfingen on Friday night. Authorities recommended avoiding or leaving the affected areas, sandbags were placed to protect against flooding, and the fire brigade kept people away from the banks. The Bern canton police received numerous reports, as they wrote on Twitter – “mostly because of water ingress, but also about fallen trees and avalanches”. On Lake Biel, the regulation service has throttled the outflow at the Wehr Port to the minimum in order to reduce the outflow into the Aare, as the canton announced on Friday.

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