Western Sahara: Nushatta Foundation reports fierce campaign of repression in occupied territories

Chahid ElHafedh, 09 Feb 2021 (SPS) The Moroccan occupying forces have launched a fierce campaign of repression against Sahrawi militants in the occupied territories of Western Sahara since the resumption of the armed conflict following the violation of the ceasefire by Morocco on November 13, affirms the human rights foundation, Nushatta, in a video posted Monday on social networks.

In this two-minute video, the Nushatta Foundation talks about the case of activist Sultana Khaya under house arrest in the occupied Boujdour locality for 11 weeks. Sultana Khaya says the police have been preventing her from leaving her home for 79 days.

According to the foundation, the Saharawi activist who “already lost an eye during a police attack a few years ago”, suffers, she and her family from “police violence”.

The foundation also speaks of human rights activist Bachri BinTalb “assaulted him and his guests” by Moroccan police during the celebration of his marriage.

Bachri Bin Talb was subsequently placed under house arrest. One way to “punish” him for his commitment to the independence of Western Sahara, says the foundation.

The Nushatta Foundation, created in 2013, regularly monitors the human rights situation in the occupied territories of Western Sahara. Last December, she presented a report on the human rights situation in the Sahrawi towns occupied since the Moroccan aggression against Sahrawi civilians in the buffer zone at el Guerguarat last November.

The document drawn up, in collaboration with the Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara and the Spanish human rights organization (Nomads), notably underlines that Sahrawi journalists and human rights defenders are the target of “a massive campaign of intimidation and harassment”, calling on individuals and organizations to take action to denounce these practices.

On the other hand, the report mentions the arrest, until December, of more than 35 young Sahrawis, the youngest being 12 years old and most of them between 16 and 17 years old. (SPS)


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