What are the profits of the Spanish League title winner?

Yesterday, Friday, the new season of the Spanish League started with a meeting between Asasuna and its guest Seville and ended with the host’s victory with two goals to one.

With the start of the League, the newspaper confirmed, “mark“The Spanish that Real Madrid, winner of last season’s title, and its eternal rival, Barcelona, ​​​​are the most likely to win the title this season, and Atletico Madrid may compete with them based on the results they achieved in the preparatory friendly matches.

One of the many questions fans have been asking is how much money the La Liga champions will receive, as well as how much money each team that qualifies for the Champions League will receive.

Based on the TV rights deal, half of the money must be distributed equally among all 20 clubs participating in the La Liga competition.

The other half will be divided into two parts, one of which is based on the so-called social legacy of each club, i.e. with regard to sales of season tickets, average box office sales over the past five seasons, and the individual participation of each club in terms of creating resources that can be used in television broadcasting. .

As for the second division, it depends on the final ranking of the clubs in the competition, and therefore the league champion will receive 17 percent of that revenue, while the last place holder will be left with about 0.25 percent.

Among the top eight leaders in the league, the difference between each position will be about 7 million euros.

Using €1.44 billion in TV rights from the 2020/21 season as a reference, half (722 million) will be shared equally between the 20 teams.

Of the remaining 722 million, half is distributed via “social legacy” and the other half (361 million) is distributed on the basis of the final standings, so the league champion may receive 61 million euros, while the second-place winner will receive 54 million euros.

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