What Daniela Alvarado said to those who think he is gay

Daniela alvarado
Photo: @ danialvarado323

Venezuelan actress Daniela Alvarado spoke about her relationship with José Manuel Sánchez. He said that they already had more than 15 years of friendship. “As a couple we started this year,” he said.

Alvarado spoke with EVTV Crossover, program of EVTV Miami hosted by Raffa Mejías.

He pointed out that his life has been very exposed and that he has been characterized by being honest. “I love José Manuel, he is my partner and the person with whom I want to share my life,” he explained.

Daniela Alvarado and her relationship

He rejected comments that question his heterosexuality. “If I have not decided to publish my personal life it is by my own decision, because I have wanted to grow because I have been focused on my career, because I am happy as I am. It seems to me quite third world and mediocre that people think that I am gay because of that, “he said.

“As we have grown up in an industry where there are many people who openly declare themselves gay without any penalty, so many times it was thought that was like that, but it is not,” he stressed.

“We have always been together. We have been great friends, partners, co-workers, my right and left hand, and it has always been there. We defended our friendship, ”he said.

“The networks are pretty tough on everyone. I know that there are things that we are going to share with people, because that is very nice, but the day to day is ours, ”he said.

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