what do we know about its spread in Africa?

Understanding the way in which the virus has spread in Africa is imperative to allow it to optimize its means of defense, all in all limited due to the state of its health infrastructure.

Aith some 6.3 million infections and 160,000 deaths recorded, the number of cases officially reported by the African Center for Disease Control and Prevention seems to indicate that Covid-19 is spreading little in Africa: reduced to the scale of the continent, the prevalence of infection by this coronavirus would indeed be less than 1%. However, the story told by the first results of seroprevalence studies, which make it possible to estimate the proportion of people who came into contact with the virus by detecting the antibodies present in their body, is very different. Samples and analyzes carried out from various populations (blood donors, caregivers, general population, etc.) indeed indicate a high prevalence of Sars-CoV-2 infection, on average around 20%, and up to 60% depending on the location. The spread of Covid-19 in Africa could therefore be much stronger than advertised. How is this apparent contradiction between the number of confirmed cases and the results of serology studies explained? What are the real dynamics of the epidemic in Africa?

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Serological tests

When a virus enters our body, our immune system detects its proteins (also called antigens) and produces antibodies. These will then attach to the viral proteins in order to el […] Read more

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