What future for Spotify? The platform presents its 6 projects planned for the coming months

Spotify is the world’s largest music streaming platform. It has nearly 300 million monthly active users, 46% of which are paying members. Wanting to stay at the forefront of the sector, the company announced these projects for the coming months. Better audio qualities, podcasts with Obama, expansion in 80 countries, creations with the DC Comics Universe, etc. There really is something for everyone.

During his press conference, Stream On, Spotify has emphasized the importance of streaming for artists during the Covid-19 crisis. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek began his speech by addressing artists directly, offering them his product as the best platform to post their audio content, whether it’s music or a podcast. By 2025, Spotify hopes to bring together 50 million creators. Today, the platform has 8 million.

Very quickly, the conference turned to Spotify customers and listeners. The company then unveiled many new products. Here are the 6 announcements to remember.

1. 80 new countries

Since its creation in 2008 in Sweden, Spotify has grown in 93 countries. At its conference, the company announced an expansion of the market in more than 80 countries. This mainly represents countries in Africa, Asia and the Pacific Islands. In total, more than a billion listeners will be able to access the platform.

It also means a greater diversity of creators. The company promises to create contracts with local artists. New styles like K-Pop, Raggaeton and Amapiano will gain visibility.

2. Better audio quality

When listening to music, the quality of the sound is most important. Many people are also turning more and more to vinyl to recover the authentic sound, one that has not been compressed to take up as little space as possible on a computer. Spotify has therefore also decided to improve the sound quality of its sounds.

The platform will launch in the coming months, the Spotify HiFi, which offers quality close to CD, whether with a smartphone, a tablet or television. To obtain it on audio speakers, they must be compatible with Spotify Connect. However, this quality will only be accessible to Premium users.

3. A new interactivity with listeners

Podcasts have revolutionized the music streaming industry. Over the past year, the number of hours spent listening to audio has exploded. According to Spotify, people now spend more time listening to sounds from different platforms than playing on game consoles or hanging out on social networks. And this mainly thanks to the podcast.


4. A podcast with Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen

The problem is that this format only works one way. Creators talk to listeners who can’t answer them. Spotify will therefore offer more interactivity between creators and listeners. For example, this will involve questions and answers or quizzes.

The two men who have known each other since 2008 have launched a podcast called Renegades: Born in the USA. They discuss their childhood, their friendship, their vision of the current United States, etc. The first two episodes are available from this Monday on Spotify.

This is not Barack Obama’s first podcast. With his wife, Michelle, he started the studio Higher Ground Production. The former US president produced his wife’s podcast, The Michelle Obama Podcast, in which he participates several times.

5. Le DC Comics Universe

Spotify has struck a deal with Warner Bros. in 2020 for production rights to the DC Comics Universe. Several podcasts will come out of this collaboration and they will obviously tell the stories of superheroes, but also supervillains. The first project, Batman Unburied, will be based on the universe of billionaire Bruce Waynes and will be released in the coming months. But a multitude of characters are already waiting their turn: Wonder Woman, the Joker, Catwoman, Batgirl, Superman or even Harley Quinn.

6. Content just for fans

Several platforms like OnlyFans or YouTube allow creators to offer exclusive content for their biggest fans. They must pay a subscription to have access to all publications.

Spotify is also considering launching this project for podcast creators. These subscriptions will allow more income to be offered to creators, who on the platform only receive income from advertising, on which Spotify has taken a commission.

To see the conference in full, it’s here

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