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APL 2021. The reform of the real-time APL entered into force on January 1st. The first payment of housing assistance, new version, comes from January 25.

[Mis à jour le 14 janvier 2021 à 16h26] Did you consult your beneficiary account to verify the amount of your APL? Or did you run a simulation of your APL in 2021 on the CAF site? The reform of the real-time calculation of housing allowances entered into force this year. From now on, aid is calculated according to income received over the last 12 months (therefore from December 2019 to November 2020 for the APL from January 2021 to March), and no longer on those of year n-2. This same principle will be applied every three months. A change that will be reflected from the end of January for some, since the first payment of the 2021 APL is scheduled for January 25, 2020 for tenants of low-cost housing and February 5 for tenants of private housing.

But in reality, who will see their APL change? If your income fell last year (partial unemployment, job loss, etc.), your housing assistance will be increased. For students, in theory, nothing changes, even if you managed to find a student job during the health crisis. For young workers or those whose income has increased, the APL will be revised downwards. So there are going to be winners and losers. How many households are the losers? No figures have yet been put forward. A simulator of the APL reform in 2021 has been set up on the CAF site as well as on the mesdroitssocial.gouv.fr site. Are you wondering about the impact that will have on your personalized housing assistance? Consult our dedicated file:

You have the possibility to do a simulation of eligibility for the APL on the Caf website, here, or on the site My social rights set up by the government. To do this, click here. You will need to fill in your family situation (alone or in a couple, with or without dependent children), your personal situation (pregnancy, parental leave, job seeker, student, etc.) and your accommodation (postcode, agreement or no, specify if it is a shared apartment, if it is furnished or not …), as well as your resources. With the My social rights site, you will obtain details of all the assistance to which you can claim depending on your situation.

If the calculation methods have changed, the conditions of the APL do not change in 2021. The APL is granted to a person or family for accommodation. Sub-rentals can benefit from APL, if they meet very specific conditions: the sub-tenants must be linked to a tenant over 60 years old, and be themselves either disabled, under the age of 30 or over 60 years old. This decree allows tenants to receive APL at the same time as their subtenants, noted Capital.fr. The APL of the latter will be calculated according to the rent paid to the tenant.

Housing must meet the criteria of decency. Accommodation must also be approved, in other words, your lessor (or the managing body) must have signed an agreement with the State opening the right to APL and aid from theAnah. To this are added means conditions. The CAF establishes ceilings, which change according to the location of the accommodation and the composition of the household (read below).

To determine the amount of your APL, the Family Allowances Fund uses a scale. This takes into account the the applicant’s resources – now those of the last 12 months with the reform -, his professional situation, the geographical location of his home and the composition of the household. It then determines a maximum amount of support. Here are the scales that apply since the decree September 25, 2020:

Household composition Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3
Single person 296,82€ 258,59€ 242,46€
Couple without dependents 357,99€ 316,64€ 293,92€
Couple with a dependent 404,60€ 356,30€ 329,56€
Per additional person 58,70€ 51,86€ 47,23€

As a reminder, zone 1 concerns Île-de-France and zone 2 towns with more than 100,000 inhabitants and other new towns. Zone 3 is made up of the rest of France. In addition to the amount of your rent, your resources are taken into account. “In the event of resources below a certain amount, a minimum floor of resources, that is to say a flat rate, can be automatically recorded in certain cases”, we can read on the dedicated Caf site. “For example, for students in a hostel, € 4,900 when the applicant is a grant holder, or € 6,000 if he is not a grant holder”.

Yes. Personalized housing assistance can benefit rentals, but also shared flats and residences in shelters (student residence for example), provided that the accommodation is your main residence and located in France. As a student, remember that you must meet the income criteria established by the Family Allowances Fund. In 2021, students should not see their APL change, even if they have a student job, thanks to the inclusion of a package.

The entire application process is carried out online at the Caf website. To put together your file, you will need to scan an identity document, your bank account statement and a rental or residence certificate, signed by the owner or the hostel. Make sure you apply for APL as soon as you enter your new home, as the first payment comes two months later.

The retroactivity of this aid has been abolished. Personalized housing assistance is paid every month (the 25th of the month for public housing benefit recipients and the 5th of the following month for others). In general, it is given directly to the owner or lender who must deduct it from the amount of your rent or the monthly payments of the loan that you have taken out.

Owners can also request to benefit from the APL in order to access the property. To do this, they must have taken out an approved loan before February 1, 2018 or from February 1, 2018 if you buy old housing in zone 3. To find out the zoning of your municipality, the public service site has set up a simulator , here. The allocation of the PLA depends, again, on conditions of resources. The request is made, as for tenants, on the Caf site. You will need to hand over the loan certificates issued by your bank.

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