what if the non-player characters got smarter?

We are still a long way from a Grand Theft Auto VI release. But the news surrounding the Rockstar Games project will only increase in the coming months and years. The proof with this patent, the first important track which indicates to us what could reserve us the continuation so awaited of GTA V.

If the patent does not give any outline of the game or its scenario, il nevertheless details the behavior that NPCs and non-player characters could adopt. And it could be much more than a simple detail, especially in an open world game like GTA which gives pride of place to passers-by and inhabitants of cities recreated by the developers.

Baptized “System and method of virtual navigation in a gaming environment”, This patent does not refer specifically to Grand Theft Auto 6, but we discuss NPCs and vehicles, which has no place in the studio’s other great open-world game, Red Dead Redemption.

According to the patent, Rockstar’s goal would be to make the world more realistic, and allow passers-by to perform more complex actions, such as adapting to traffic.. This includes the management of distances, braking or for example acceleration when approaching the motorway exit. “Traffic-compliant virtual world vehicles are used to generate routes through / around them”, Can we read in the patent. “A list of ambient traffic in the area can be generated and for each vehicle information relating to the subject NPC is recorded.

Point important, this artificial intelligence would be based on dedicated servers, in order to manage the different characteristics of each NPC. This implies that the game would be, at least in part, online even in solo.

Anyway, it will take patience to try your hand at GTA 6. Rockstar is still making a lot of money with the online mode of GTA V and after the Cyberpunk 2066 fiasco, we imagine that the studio will take its time to prove once again who is the master in the field of open world games.

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