What is Fortunata Syndrome? The pathology with which they relate China Suárez

In addition, the panelist Yanina Latorre assured that the interpreter would have had other love affairs with Gonzalo Heredia, who is in a relationship with Brenda Gandini; footballer Rodrigo De Paul, who is also married; and other figures.


China Suárez, Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara.

What is Fortunata Syndrome?

It is a pathology or a psychopathological picture that is characterized by the establishment of dependency relationships towards married people, often settling in the role of lover. In most cases, it presents symptoms such as anxiety, low self-esteem, personality disorder, among others.

NO is considered a psychiatric disorder or pathology, although it presents characteristics that can be dysfunctional and generate great suffering over time. Meanwhile, obsessive aspects can also occur, which imply a toxic relationship between both parties.

Dependence is absolute, being able to do anything for the other and being able to forgive, justify or ignore any action or lie of the other person. They only feel attraction for that person and thus other possible relationships are put aside. Even they can leave everything.

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