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Girls who are still brave and afraid are secretly embarrassed to wear bikinis. or unable to fit in shape insecure in shape We have techniques for choosing bikinis to suit your body shape. This event guarantees that no pontoon, perfect photo shoot, beautiful in every angle.

hourglass figure
The width of the shoulders, bust, and hips are roughly the same width, and the waist is smaller than the shoulders. Round hips, rounded shoulders, women with this figure are very lucky. because you can wear all kinds of swimwear

Apple puppet or round puppet
The body is quite round. or have a belly It is recommended to choose a bikini with a high-waisted bottom to help hide the tummy. The upper part should be chosen to be tight to make the body look wider. It helps to camouflage the eyes to make the shape look proportional. But anyone who doesn’t dare to wear bikini can choose a one-piece with chic patterns because it helps to camouflage the figure to look better as well.

Pear puppet or triangular puppet
The hips and buttocks are large. The shoulders and bust are small. The top should choose a bikini with bright colors or a lot of patterns. to be an eye-catching point And choosing a bottom as a skirt will help camouflage the hips. Or you can choose dark pants without a pattern as well.

Strawberry Puppet or inverted triangle shape
The shoulders are wider than the hips. Hips and buttocks are small. The bikini top with a halter neck or one shoulder design is perfect for young women. with this shape the most The lower part should highlight something with details, such as a pattern or a side-knotted design. To help draw the eye to make the bottom look more prominent than the top.

Banana puppet or square puppet
The figure is straight, the shoulders, the body, and the hips are the same width. This shape requires a concave curve. focusing mainly on the waist The lower part is chosen as a high waist to make the waist look like a curve. But if you are a confident girl, choose a high-cut style. For the top, you can opt for a bikini or a swimsuit with a V-neck, deep neck, or a halter neck to add dimension to the bust.

But in the end, whether the girls No matter what shape you have, just have the confidence to wear any bikini.
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