what risk if I am tax-free?

LATE TAX DECLARATION. After the deadline, you too expose yourself to sanctions from the tax authorities.

[Mis à jour le 10 juin 2021 à 09h24] The tax reporting period is over. You did not complete your tax return on time, believing that it was not necessary since you are not taxable? The tax return is an obligation that applies to all taxpayers, including withholding tax. It allows you to determine the total amount of income tax you owe for the tax year, and if necessary, to adjust your tax rate at source. The slightest day of delay exposes you to an increase in your income tax, but what happens when you are non-taxable? You will not pay a fine. On the other hand, the tax authorities may withdraw certain advantages from you. See you below to find out more.

Are you twiddling your thumbs and telling yourself that you won’t pay increased tax or late interest as long as you are not taxable? You will not pay any penalties (read below). On the other hand, you should expect that any tax benefits (reductions, tax credits) you have enjoyed so far will be taken away from you. Also bear in mind that you risk not receiving your tax notice. However, this document is essential to obtain certain social benefits such as the RSA.

The income tax declaration period comes in the spring. In 2021, the opening date came on April 8. The deadlines depend on the method of declaration, or even the department number. Here are the deadlines that have been set for 2021:

  • Thursday, May 20: for the paper form, regardless of the department of residence
  • Wednesday May 26: for taxpayers from departments 01 to 19
  • Tuesday June 1: for departments 20 to 54
  • Tuesday June 8: for departments 55 to 976

What happens if I am only 1 day late for my tax return?

In this case, give yourself a shake up and don’t wait any longer to complete your tax return. The most important thing is to regularize your situation as soon as possible. Log in to your personal space on the impots.gouv.fr site using your tax ID and password, and initiate the online declaration procedure. Keep in mind that a slight delay still exposes you to sanctions from the tax administration (read below).

The degree of penalties from the tax administration for a late filing of income tax depends on the severity of your delay. The longer you take to complete your declaration, the higher the bill will be. Here is what awaits you:

  • In the absence of formal notice: 10% increase in your income tax
  • In the event of late filing within 30 days of the formal notice: 20% increase.
  • If your declaration has not been filed within 30 days of the formal notice: 40%.
  • If you have deliberately concealed an illegal activity: 80% increase, whether or not a formal notice has been sent to you.

Add to that late interest (0.2% per month late). “These interests apply until the last day of the month of the subscription of the income tax return”, one indicates on the site public service.

In certain exceptional circumstances, the tax authorities may be tolerant if you have submitted your tax return late. Hospitalization, serious illness, death of a loved one … You will have to prove that you are acting in good faith. To do this, you will add a note at the end of your declaration in which you will explain the reason for your delay. Be careful, administrative phobia is not a valid excuse! Does the administration still charge you an increase as well as late payment interest? In this case, you have one last resort: make a request for gracious discount.

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