What the lucky ones who have entered phase 2 can do

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The Ministry of Health has drawn the new map of Spain with the provinces and regions that have changed their de-escalation phase. This means that more and more territories, in Phase 2, have more freedom of movement to move the car. Specifically, Extremadura enters phase 2 completely, also Galicia, the Region of Murcia, Navarra, the Basque Country, La Rioja and Ceuta and Melilla. Madrid, Barcelona and Castilla y León enter the long-awaited phase 1. And as for Andalusia, all the provinces advance, except Malaga and Granada, which remain in 1.

So if you are one of the afotrnados residing in one of the territories that is already in phase 2, you can already have meetings with larger groups, they will open shopping malls, restaurants, cinemas, theaters (always with limited capacity) … and Travel to second homes is allowed. Although always within your province. For example, if you live in Madrid, you can go to your second residence in the Sierra de Guadarrama; or if you live in Pontevedra or Valencia, you can go to the closest beach to your house (if it is open), always within the province in which you reside.

In the territory challenge, the following measures will be applied, according to the corresponding phase, always bearing in mind the obligation to use masks in closed or open public spaces whenever a distance of 2 meters between people cannot be guaranteed. Specifically, according to the ordinance (TMA / 384/2020 of May 3), some regulations in force during the state of alarm or until a new order modifies them, recalls the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), indicates that “In transport private private and complementary private persons in vehicles of up to nine seats, including the driver, two people can move in each row of seats, provided they wear masks and respect the maximum distance between occupants.


Phase to phase by car:
-Phase 0: You can walk or do individual sports, but it is not allowed to take the car to carry out this activity. In any case, and with few and justified exceptions, we must always stay within our municipality of residence.

Two people can live in the car living together under the same roof in the same row, and in case of non-living together, one per row, crossed, and with the use of a mandatory mask.

Specifically, according to the Health order of May 3 (SND / 386/2020), you can use the private car with a driver and a person not living together in the back. Distance does not apply if they reside at the same address. However, another BOE order referring to Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda (TMA / 384/2020 of May 3) indicates that «In private private and complementary transport of people in vehicles of up to nine seats, including the driver, Two people may move in each row of seats, provided that they use masks that respect the maximum distance between the occupants ”.

-Phase 1: All persons residing at the same address may go by car. Tourist accommodation (without common areas), terraces and markets are opened and meetings of no more than 10 people are allowed, so it is allowed to go to these activities together and even visit family and friends (who are not risky and with advisable security measures). And at this time it is no longer limited to the municipality, if not as long as they are within the same province.


-Phase 3: In this last phase, scheduled for Monday, June 8, open air concerts, gymnasiums and discotheques would be allowed. But as far as mobility and travel are concerned, there are no changes at the moment and they will still be limited to our province of residence. Furthermore, for movements between provinces, it would be necessary to wait until the arrival of the “new normal”, that is, at the end of June. .


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