WhatsApp Android will finally allow us to enjoy personalized wallpapers

Lately, things have changed quite a bit on the WhatsApp side. A few days ago, we announced that the Facebook group application had officially launched its payment service in India. Apart from that, WhatsApp would also prepare an option that would allow users to have the same account on multiple devices.

Today, we learn that the mail service will allow Android users to further personalize their chat. On WhatsApp it is already possible to apply wallpapers for chats. However, until now, users have been forced to keep the same wallpaper for all chats.

Photo d’Alfredo Rivera – Pixabay.com

Thanks to the option deployed in the new beta version of WhatsApp, it will be possible to have different wallpapers depending on the people you are talking to.

Android is at the same level as iOS

This feature is not new to iOS users. Indeed, it was deployed on Apple devices in advance. WhatsApp is launching in its new beta version a host of wallpapers accompanied by new customization options that users will particularly appreciate.

Now, they will be able to assign a specific wallpaper to each discussion. This will allow them to customize their application to the maximum, but not only. The uniqueness of each wallpaper will also prevent them from having the wrong recipient in the future.

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Change wallpapers in a few clicks

With this new option, users will also be able to change the degree of transparency of their WhatsApp wallpaper. For example, they can choose it completely opaque or slightly transparent. It will even be possible to adjust the brightness of the wallpapers on the messaging service.

The latest beta of WhatsApp for Android arrives with a bundle of 32 wallpapers for clear mode. Those who prefer dark mode can set their sights on 29 wallpapers. At this time, this option is only available to beta users.

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To access this new feature, you will need to enter the discussion of your choice and press the three dots at the top right of the screen. You will need to tap on the “Edit.” »The section dedicated to wallpapers will be displayed with several options. You will have the choice between: “Light”, “Dark”, “Solid colors”, “My photos” and “Default wallpaper. “To validate your choice, you can click on” Define the wallpaper. “


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