WhatsApp changes its terms and conditions again

The controversy has been brewing since January 2021, WhatsApp surprised its users with a message informing them of the changes in its use and privacy policy. The announcement of these new terms of use for WhatsApp has been controversial recently. The app has reported an update to its usage policies. Facebook recently communicated that these new terms of use will be optional and will only affect certain users. Only people wishing to communicate with professional contacts will have the obligation to accept its new terms of conditions.

This change in the app’s privacy policy means that each user will have the choice of enabling or disabling optional updates. Indeed, the use of the application to send messages, make audio and video calls will always be possible without accepting the new General Conditions of Use. However, Mark Zuckerberg reported that WhatsApp will remind its users of the update made available to them.

This change in the conditions of use of the WhatsApp application is a further step towards integrating the latter into the Facebook instant messaging network. The purpose of this union is to improve the infrastructure and the delivery system of WhatsApp.

Facebook has also made it clear that thanks to these new updates, the instant messaging network will be able to understand how members use the services offered by the application. This new decision is a way for WhatsApp to leave free choice to its users to accept or not the rules of use.

Indeed, WhatsApp has claimed that accounts that do not accept the new terms of service will not be deleted. On a more practical level, instant messaging users will be able in the coming days to listen to their voicemail messages before sending them.

An option that seems minimal, but which was widely expected by users of the platform. Other expected options: the ability to react to messages or delete them after 3 months. For a few days now, users have been able to send ephemeral messages and photos.


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