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Are you planning to make this radical decision? WhatsApp It is the application that has made a big turnaround after adding its new 2021 policies around the world. Millions of users received this notification on their smartphones in order for them to accept it. This is what you need to know before making a decision. Write this down.

In case you do not want to accept the new policies of WhatsAppYou will simply have to take a step aside and delete the application for not agreeing with its use.

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Although it is quite controversial, within the new regulations of the fast messaging app it mentions that it will be synchronized with Facebook to be able to provide certain advertising of your tastes. What if I don’t have the social network?

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“We may use your information we receive to operate, provide, improve, understand, personalize, support our services and Facebook offerings.”, reads a statement from WhatsApp shared on their website.

This is what the new WhatsApp policies say in more detail. (Photo: MAG)


While WhatsApp mention that it will only use certain information, such as your name, contacts, and phone number with Facebook, and that they will not share or have access to your conversations, there is a certain fear on the part of people in wanting to authorize the new 2021 policies.

However, there is a way to never sync your account again. However, for this you should not only use another phone number that is not associated or your Facebook O WhatsApp.

In order to delete your Facebook number, you must follow these simple steps:

  • The first is to click on the down arrow icon that you have at the top right.
  • There you will see a menu in which you will have to look for the option ‘Configure’ to enter the Facebook configuration.
  • Once inside the configuration, click on the ‘Mobile’ section in the left column.

This cell phone must be much more restricted and you should not give it to any other company. With this method, they will no longer have any problem in which the fast messaging app uses certain information from you to know your tastes and thus provide you with improvements in its advertising.

However, if you did not read the security policies and new regulations, and accepted, there is only one method to withdraw: it is to delete the application or your account.

In order to delete your account from WhatsApp You must go to Settings, Account and there click on Delete Account. It is the only method for you to use other platforms like Telegram.


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