When and why to avoid foil as food wrapping

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Raise your hand who, in moments of culinary hurry, does not use the rolls of foil and foil indiscriminately to wrap food? Well, right now, put the dots on the I. To give a definitive stop to the improper use of tinfoil, the Ministry of Health also intervened, with a branch note just a handful of months ago. So let’s see when and why to avoid the foil as food wrapping.

The health risk to be avoided

The aluminum foil paper, if put in contact with certain foods and in the presence of certain conditions, can “migrate” from the wrapping to the content. Once this has occurred, the immediately next step will be from food to the human body. This will make the intake of this food potentially dangerous, especially for some categories of people. An alert that can be overcome, however, by making correct use of the foil and aluminum containers.

Smart and healthy precautions in the kitchen

The contamination of food by “migration” phenomena from the wrappers therefore represents one of the sources of food exposure. At the same time, it is true that there are simple precautions useful to contrast and avoid this phenomenon. To this end, limiting the storage time of certain types of food in the foil to the minimum is certainly advisable.

With this, it does not mean that it is no longer possible to wrap a sandwich in aluminum. Rather it is advisable to do it for a not too long time. And also the alert is for any filling; utmost attention should be paid to acidic foods, such as lemon and tomato, which are in direct contact with aluminum foil.

When and why to avoid foil as food wrapping

Another mandatory precaution is to carefully read the labels, for example, of the aluminum trays. If therefore the wording “intended for contact with food at refrigerated temperatures” appears, go ahead with the use of the containers in the cold room. Other if the wording reads “intended for contact with food at non-refrigerated temperatures for times not exceeding 24 hours”.

Categories of people most at risk

In healthy people, the toxicological risk inherent in aluminum can still be said to be rather limited. This happens due to the poor absorption and, all in all, rapid excretion of the aluminum introduced orally. Among the subjects most vulnerable to oral aluminum toxicity: the elderly, children under the age of three, individuals with kidney disease and pregnant women. So it’s better not to go it yourself, but follow the instructions for use.


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