when Chelny completes vaccination and exits QR-mode

Even with today’s hectic vaccination rates, Naberezhnye Chelny will need at least 100 days to fulfill the plan and count on the weakening of the QR regime.

The city needs to vaccinate another 184 thousand people – one and a half times more than in 10 months, from December 2020.

During the first three days of the strict restrictions, from October 11 to 13, 5,600 people were vaccinated in the city (data for October 14 are not yet available). For the whole last week – 6 thousand people. And in previous months, about 3.5 thousand were vaccinated weekly, or 500 a day.

On the eve of the city health department reported that the number of people with the first component reached 143 620 people, with two – 115 thousand. Chelny has a plan to vaccinate 80% of the population, or 328.3 thousand people. At today’s average speed – about 1,800 people a day – it takes another 100 days to complete the order.

The city will not keep within the two months allotted by the government. If the volume of vaccination does not increase dramatically. Polyclinics now barely cope with the flow, and there is only one mobile point.


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