Sport When it comes to unified hall picks, Jeter could...

When it comes to unified hall picks, Jeter could be number 2


NEW YORK (AP) – Derek Jeter has a reasonable chance of becoming number 2 when it comes to unanimous decisions for the baseball hall of fame.

Yankees Closer Mariano Rivera was the first player to vote 425 votes last year in each poll. Ken Griffey Jr. was close to perfection in 2016 with three votes, surpassing the five timid mark that Tom Seaver had held since 1992.

Long-time baseball writer for the New York Daily News, Bill Madden, said attitudes have changed and that Rivera’s performance could lead to more 100% results from the Baseball Writers’ Association of America, whose 2020 votes will be announced on Tuesday.

“Nobody wants to be held responsible on social media if they don’t vote for an obvious choice,” said Madden on Monday. “I could see people’s lives threatened if they don’t vote for Derek Jeter.”

Jeter was selected from all 210 voters who were listed by Ryan Thibodaux’s Hall of Fame voting protocol, about half of the expected votes, by late Monday evening. Jeter was a 14-time all-star shortstop with a .310 goal, leading New York to five World Series titles. For the past 11 1/2 seasons, he has been the captain of the Yankees. New York retired in second place in his honor, but Jeter struggled for success in his stoppage time as CEO of the Miami Marlins.

Larry Walker, who met 383 Homer in a career spurred by nearly a decade of home games on the launch pad at Denver’s Coors Field, was 175 (83.3%). Curt Schilling, three-time world champion in Arizona and Boston, took the next place with 166 (79%). While Walker and Schilling were thus well above the threshold of 75% required for voting, the percentages for non-public ballot papers tend to decrease.

The attitudes have changed since the first election in the hall in 1936 when Ty Cobb was excluded from four ballots. Babe Ruth and Honus Wagner were deleted from the 11th, Christy Mathewson from the 21st and Walter Johnson from the 37th ballot.

Joe DiMaggio received a vote in 1945 after the second of three seasons that he missed while serving with the U.S. Air Force, dropped back in his first two ballots after resigning, and was elected in 1955 when 28 voters voted him out. Yogi Berra was elected on his second appearance in 1972 after missing 28 votes in his first attempt. Willie Mays was rated unworthy by 23 voters when he was elected in 1979, and 52 passed Sandy Koufax when he was elected to the hall in 1972.

Major League Baseball official historian John Thorn called last year’s election a precedent.

“Mariano was the best in what he did. Derek Jeter won’t be the best in what he did,” said Thorn. “The meaningfulness of Mariano to achieve unanimity only shows a herd mentality.”

Walker is participating in the BBWAA vote for the 10th and last time after improving from 34.1% in 2018 to 54.6% last year.

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Schilling occurs for the eighth time after rising from 51.2% to 60.9%. He declined from 52.3% in 2016 to 45% the following year, saying that his support declined because he publicly supported Donald Trump’s election as president.

Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, both of whom are accused of steroid use, have been there for the eighth time. When they made their first appearances in 2013, everyone received just over a third of the votes, and both were around 59% last year. The bonds in this year’s voting tracker were 71.9% and Clemens 71%.

Manny Ramírez, who was suspended twice under the Major League Baseball drug program, was 31.4%. Sammy Sosa, another steroid-infected star, was 17.1%.

Bonds and Clemens could benefit next year if the most prominent first-time players are Torii Hunter and Mark Bührle.

The 2022 ballot is run by David Ortiz and Alex Rodriguez, who were suspended for one season in 2014 for violations of the drug program and baseball’s collective agreement. The 2023 vote includes freshly depraved Carlos Beltrán, who quit as New York’s Mets manager last week after being stolen from electronics in his last season with Houston in 2017.

“It seems to me that older voters are being removed from the list because they haven’t played a baseball game in decades,” said Thorn. “This makes perceptions sharper, so younger voters have an attitude that allows them.” vote for Bonds or Clemens or Sosa or Schilling or any number of people with suspected black spots against their record. ‘

Players elected by the BBWAA will be inducted on July 26 in the hall in Cooperstown, New York, along with catcher Ted Simmons and former player association leader Marvin Miller, who were elected by the hall’s Modern Era Committee last month.

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