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When Steven Spielberg electrifies “West Side Story”

West Side Story Steven Spielberg version, why not? But what is the point of revisiting such a musical comedy masterpiece that revolutionized the Broadway scene in 1957 and then, five years later, became a film crowned with ten Oscars? Will the copy be worth the original? Why want to modernize this universal history which, since the end of the 1950s, has shaken up the codes of the old world and heralded the advent of a youth who wanted to live fast and strong?

Beyond the war between two rival gangs (the “native” Americans, descendants of Polish immigrants, and the Puerto Ricans) on the Upper West Side of New York, symbolized by the thwarted love between Tony the American and Maria the Puerto Rican, it is above all a question of violence, with the germ of assimilation …

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