When the drink cannot be paid for in cash

Dhe popular “Café de Jaren” in Amsterdam: drink coffee or a beer, in summer on the wooden terrace directly on the Amstel. Maybe olives with it or the bitterballen filled with ragout – and rummage through the newspapers, even if the legendary selection of readers has shrunk a bit. At the moment, cafes, bars and restaurants have long been closed again due to Corona. But hopefully they’ll be back at some point and guests will be happy to pay for their drink on the spot.

Just no longer with cash. Even before the new lockdown, anyone who pulls out a note or coin had no chance at “de Jaren”. The operation comes with a card reader, everything else categorically rejects. The same in the hip warehouse restaurant “De Goudfazant”. Two out of three waitresses refuse to accept cash. After all, a third accepts – after consulting a boss, “and only appropriately”, as she says, because there is no change.

It’s a trend in the capital and elsewhere too. In Utrecht, bars like the PK on the historic Oudegracht make it clear: “Sorry, no cash.” Here and there operators justify this with Corona. In the quaint Genever distillery “De Ooievaar” in the Jordaan district of Amsterdam, the saleswoman says that they are acting according to the current recommendations of the authorities. When asked whether she will accept cash again afterwards, a hesitant and not really convincing “yes” comes up.

More and more compulsory digital tracks

In many cases, the cash phobia has demonstrably nothing to do with the pandemic: Watching the A-youth boys of the soccer club in IJburg at the point game and then having a coffee? That didn’t work with cash in 2019. Enjoy the night view of Amsterdam with a glass of Malbec in the panorama bar of the former Shell skyscraper? Only with electronic money and again not just since Corona.


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