When Tony Peña resigned as Kansas manager he couldn’t eat or sleep

On May 10, 2005, Tony Peña became the first Dominican major league manager to resign from the position when he delivered a statement to the management of the Kansas City Royals in which he explained the reasons for his decision.

Bob Schaefer, the new manager and whoever was his assistant, said that the chain of defeats in the last month (6-22) changed his personality and Peña that motivator who won the 2003 Manager of the Year award. “This affected him a lot. He took a lot of courage thinking that it was all his fault, I really wasn’t surprised because the losses were painful and the Royals are now 8-26, “said the manager.

“We are not playing well,” Peña told the Kansas City Star newspaper. “It is hard to go to the stadium and lose game after game. I do not eat. I do not sleep. I do not want to get sick,” added the former receiver who had a mark in little more than three seasons of 198 and 285, for a .410 score. The team will offer you a position within the organization.


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