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President Nicolás Maduro said that the measure will be lifted during the month of December.

“Last week of this year 2020 of radical quarantine,” Maduro said in a televised broadcast, “We are in the spirit of Christmas.” The restrictions will be reimposed in January, “with strength, organization, discipline and conscience (…) We are in the middle of the pandemic and I don’t want to make false promises to anyone. “

Since June, Maduro has imposed a method that they define as 7 + 7 and that contemplates seven days of confinement – and closing of shops, less essential ones such as supermarkets and pharmacies – alternated with seven days in which the activity is resumed.

On the eve of the parliamentary elections, which will be held next Sunday, the candidates have held rallies full of people without respecting social distancing, according to reports from the AFP agency.

Measurements are announced at times when there have been 280 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, as well as two deaths, according to official figures that have been questioned by the opposition and NGOs, who consider that there is a significant underreporting of the number of cases and deaths.

Venezuela faces a pandemic in the midst of one of the worst governance crises in its history, with a president whose authority has been unknown by dozens of governments around the world; economic, with unprecedented inflation and a bolivar so devalued that it has been replaced by the dollar on the street; and health, with a shortage of supplies, medical personnel and a hospital system that survives every day.

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