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The deserted strip of land on rue De Saint-Vallier Est, backing onto the Dinan coast, has been covered with a multitude of buildings since the 1700s. All destroyed.

In the archives of the City of Quebec, we can see plans of rue Saint-Charles – its old name – dating from 1752, 1780 and 1835. There are several properties planted on land granted by the Augustines of the Hotel -God at the beginning of the 18th centurye century. “Stone houses and wooden houses, from piece to piece”, published history by the City of Quebec.

However, a major fire in 1845 shattered the dreams of the inhabitants of the district. “The following year, government authorities destroyed the properties located on the south side of rue Saint-Vallier Est. The land becomes the property of the Crown and is integrated into the fortification system. ”

Thirty years later, the State authorized the erection of a new building. “In 1875, on the south side of rue Saint-Vallier-Est, there was only one building housing curling lanes”.

Government workshop

It will be converted, around 1910, into a machine shop for the government. Next door is the warehouse that the agricultural machinery manufacturer Pierre-Théophile Légaré has just built.

During the 1920s, the Légaré businessman diversified. He adds an auto sales garage. He will rent the former government workshop, now owned by the City of Quebec.

Mr. Légaré will experience fruitful years. “This flagship of the Quebec economy, during the 1910s and 1920s, entered the lucrative automobile sales market at the provincial level. Only a bankruptcy, in 1935, slows down its expansion and announces its decline which extends throughout the XXe century.”

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The 1940s and beyond

In 1944, 1147, rue De Saint-Vallier Est was bought by the construction contractor Georges-Isidore Lachance and his company Les Industries GI Lachance Inc.

In the early 1970s, the other building to the west was demolished. The land has been vacant since.

Still standing in 1974, the “1147” was sold to the Rompré family who operated a mechanics and car rental business under the Tilden banner.

But, on June 5, 1976, the building was hot, according to an article in Soleil : “The firefighters had a very eventful evening”. Among the many interventions today, a fire began in an abandoned building on this end of the street.

Finally, the property was acquired by the city in 2000, which used it as a municipal garage.



The lot at the bottom of the Dinan hill and the Palais du Palais, on De Saint-Vallier Est, has long been coveted by… the health network.

In December 2010, in The sun, we also learned that the Hôtel-Dieu was the new owner of the land. The hospital was just waiting for a demolition permit to eliminate the Tilden garage.

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