Where does Jarosław Kaczyński spend his vacation? “He inspected his island”

In the “Gość Wydarzeń” program, Tomasz Machała asked his guest where Jarosław Kaczyński is now.

Bielan: “He is not in the Canary Islands”

– I think that the president ends his vacation, his vacation – replied Adam Bielan. – I do not want to reveal Jarosław Kaczyński’s private plans, I am not entitled to it. He always went on vacation in Poland. It is not in the Canary Islands – added the PiS MEP.

VIDEO: Adam Bielan in the “Gość Wydarzeń” program

“He inspected his island and herd”

The place of rest of Jarosław Kaczyński was revealed by the PiS MEP Joachim Brudziński. “As every year, President Jarosław Kaczyński inspected his island and his herd in the Szczecin Lagoon” – wrote the politician on Twitter.

The politician also wrote about the “finalized investment”, referring to the reports of the gs24.pl portal from three years ago, which quoted the spokesman for the president of Świnoujście that “President Jarosław Kaczyński asked the city for the possibility of taking a long-term lease of the Wielki Krzek island, adjacent to the island Karsibór “. “From the information we have, it appears that the PiS president intends to build a fishing center on the island where he will not only spend his free time, but also make it available to ministers and deputies,” the spokesman told the portal.

“Only in Western Pomerania”

At the end of July, Bogdan Rymanowski asked Brudziński about Jarosław Kaczyński’s vacation in the “Gość Wydarzeń” program.

Brudziński said that he was “lucky” because he had to live “in the most beautiful corner of our homeland” in – Western Pomerania. – If anyone is still wondering where to go on vacation – only Western Pomerania. The most beautiful beaches, the most beautiful lakes, beautiful forests – the PiS politician enumerated.

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– Sometimes it happens that we manage to invite President Jarosław Kaczyński for a day or two, if he is in Western Pomerania or in other regions – he said when asked if he would spend the holidays with the President of Law and Justice.

VIDEO: Joachim Brudziński in the “Gość Wydarzeń” program (July 28 issue)

In “patriotic capes”

Brudziński in his July “Guest of Events” also recalled a trip from three years ago, when he and the PiS president went on a trip to Beskid Sądecki. At that time, a photo circulated on the Internet, showing that during a downpour, politicians were wearing white and red cloaks.

– Unfortunately, I gave my patriotic cape to one of the participants of our expedition to Koziarz in the Beskid Sądecki – said Brudziński. – We were hit by a terrible downpour, but we did not get away, we got there – added the politician.

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