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▲ How to buy one look at a time. (Photo / Retrieved from the Facebook of the All-China Federation of Pharmacists Association)

The local epidemic situation continues to heat up, and the public’s demand for household rapid screening reagents has increased. The Epidemic Command Center announced today (27th) that the real-name system of household rapid-screening reagents will be on the road since April 28, and will be sold in pharmacy channels in accordance with the real-name system 1.0 for masks , 4,909 health insurance special pharmacies and 58 rural health centers across the country can buy it. The National Health Insurance Administration also announced the “List of Special Pharmacies and Health Centers” on its official website, and provided a “Map Query of Home Quick Screening Reagents” function, allowing the public to quickly check the sales locations.

The real-name system for the sale of household quick-screening reagents was launched on April 27, and can be purchased at 4,909 health care pharmacies and 58 rural health clinics across the country. Use the “Home Quick Screening Reagent Map Query” function. The official website of the Pharmacists Association also provides a “Pharmacy Map” for public reference.

●A list of household quick-screening reagents distributed by the special pharmacy, and a list of health clinics that distributed household quick-screening reagents

It can be downloaded from the “Home Quick Screening Real-Name System” section of the National Health Insurance Department:https://parg.co/b7iI

●National Health Insurance Administration – Home Quick Screening Reagent Map Search (data to be updated online)

Consolidation 1:https://parg.co/b7iU

Consolidation 2:https://selftest.mowd.tw/

●The official website of the Pharmacists Association – Pharmacy Map:https://parg.co/b7io

The command center stated that the public needs to hold a health insurance card or a residence permit to purchase. There is no age limit, and everyone can purchase it. Each ID card number can only be purchased once per round (can be purchased on behalf of others), one person per 5 doses, a total of 500 yuan. As for the diversion mechanism, according to the initial stage of the real-name mask system 1.0, the diversion is carried out by the odd and even numbers of the last number of the ID card number; odd numbers are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; even numbers are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday;

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