Which prefecture has the most Apple suppliers? Check on the map: Japan-iPhone Mania

Apple Supplier Japan

Stretched around the worldAppleOf the supplier network ofJapanIs second only to China in terms of the number of supplier bases, and has more supplier bases than the United States. I have tabulated the number of supplier bases in Japan by prefecture.

I tried to summarize Apple suppliers in Japan

iPhone, Mac, etc.AppleProducts are delivered to us by parts manufacturing and product assembly by 402 companies and 614 suppliers (as of 2020) worldwide.

Global supplier distribution mapFollowed by,JapanI tried to paint the distribution of domestic Apple suppliers on a Japanese map.

There are 96 Apple suppliers in Japan, and if you paint the map so that the more bases there are, the darker the color, the distribution will be as follows.

Apple Supplier JapanApple Supplier Japan

The top three by prefecture are as follows:Yamagata Prefecture is the top in Japanwas.

  1. Yamagata Prefecture: 7 bases
  2. Shiga prefecture, Niigata prefecture, Fukushima prefecture: 5 bases
  3. Aomori prefecture, Ibaraki prefecture, Hokkaido, Mie prefecture: 4 bases

Apple suppliers in 37 prefectures

Here are the suppliers based in each prefecture, along with the rough industry icons.

In Yamagata Prefecture, which is the top prefecture, the bases of electronic component manufacturers such as Sony, Kyocera, TDK, Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, and Murata Manufacturing are concentrated.

18 prefectures have 3 or more Apple supplierswas.

Apple Supplier JapanApple Supplier Japan

There were 19 prefectures with one or two Apple supplier bases. Of the 47 prefecturesApple suppliers are based in 37 prefectures

Apple Supplier JapanApple Supplier Japan

As for the trend in Japan as a whole, it is conspicuous that there are many suppliers related to electronic components, but materials and chemical companies such as 3M, ENEOS, and Sumitomo Chemical, and UCAJ for metal processing are also Japanese suppliers.

Further increase in domestic supplier, Apple’s electric vehicle?

Most of the final assembly of Apple products such as the familiar iPhone is assembled in China, but you can see that many of the parts in it are provided by Japanese suppliers.

Electric vehicle being developed by AppleThe number of suppliers in Japan may increase further once the production of is started.


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