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The WHO recommendation was based on four international randomized trials.


The World Health Organization said on Friday that antiviral vir remedies should not be used to treat patients with Kovid-19, regardless of the severity of their illness.

One of the few treatments to show some initial promise in critically ill patients, the WHO Guideline Development Group (GDG) of international experts said that “there is no evidence based on the currently available data that it improves critical patient outcomes ”“.

The United States, European Union and other countries have temporarily approved the use of the remedy isvir because it has been revealed after preliminary research that recovery time may be reduced in some patients with coronoviruses.

US President Donald Trump was treated with Remedisvir along with other drugs after testing positive for Kovid-19 in October.

The WHO recommendation on Friday was based on four international randomized trials involving more than 7,000 hospital patients with the virus.

By posting the updated treatment guidelines in BMJ Medical Journal, the committee acknowledged that their recommendation did not mean that Remedisvir had no benefit for patients.

But based on the latest data, costs and delivery methods, “RemedySive is advised to be administered, in addition to usual care for treating patients hospitalized with Kovid-19, regardless of the severity of the disease”.

Manufacturer Gilead said last month that the drug had boosted third-quarter 2020 sales to around $ 900 million.

Initially developed as a treatment for the Ebola virus, Remedisvir was discovered in a study published in May to reduce the length of hospital stay for people with Kovid-19 from 15 to 11 days on average.

An earlier WHO pre-print found the drug appeared to have “little or no effect” on mortality or length of hospital stay in more than 11,000 hospital patients from 30 countries.

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