Who is Cris Valdés, Luis Miguel’s rival in his series?

Luis Miguel is one of the most successful stars in the music industry song on Latin America in recent decades, but a artist achieved sweeping popularity and got him into trouble during the 1990s, his serie.

In the third chapter of Luis Miguel, the series it is shown that “Sun“He had decided to temporarily leave the stage to spend more time with his brothers and produce his new album, until he realized the success of”Cris Valdes”, Which refers to Cristian castro.

The character of “Cris Valdes”, Played by actor Jack Duarte in the production of Netflix, takes the name of his father, Manuel “El Loco” Valdés, and shows the blonde hairstyle that Castro He looked in the early nineties.

Like the interpreter of Until you forget me, Cristian castro He started his career at a very young age. At the age of six he acted for the first time in a soap opera, then he had his radio show and became famous for the song “El gallito feliz”.

After keeping a low profile, in the nineties he began to study singing and in 1992 he released the album “Agua nueva”, with the hit single Will not be able. The song peaked at third place on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks chart.

On Luis Miguel, the series, the song name was changed from “Cris Valdes “ a You will not do it, a melody that “El Sol” could not bear to hear.

According to the series of Netflix, the success of Castro led the interpreter of Suave to participate in the Viña del Mar Festival, in Chile.

Before starting your presentation, Luis Miguel, personified by Diego Boneta, he finds his rival “Cris Valdes”Behind the scenes and fired his guitarist when he realized that he had helped with the production of the album by the singer. You will not do it.

In real life, the memorable concert of “Sun“in Viña del Mar it was held in 1994, but Cristian castro He arrived at Quinta Vergara until the year 2000.

In an interview in 2019, Castro revealed that rivalry with Luis Miguel It was brought up by the host Daisy Fuentes. According to the singer of Blue, he dated the model when Gallego Basteri began to woo her.

Cristian He claims that he stepped aside to give his friend a clear path with Fuentes, but the relationship between them was fractured.



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