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Who is Damián Lezcano Mendoza, the main suspect in the femicide of Nancy Videla

“I saw that the girl was sitting at the door, more or less at half past five or six in the afternoon, she was waiting for Lezcano. Then he arrived and the two of them entered together,” said Marcela, an older woman who lives opposite from the house of Damien Lezcano Mendoza, the man arrested for the femicide of Nancy videla.

The testimonies of the residents of Bucharest street, Budge neighborhood, Lomas de Zamora, describe a man who always tried to abuse women, including girls and adolescents, and who took advantage of his status as the owner of four rooms in rental.

“Many times I saw her (Nancy), but she did not stay, she saw her when she left,” added Marcela, who remembers Lezcano as someone who never greeted her, despite living across the street.

No one else saw Nancy in the neighborhood, according to the accounts collected in the last hours by Radio 10 and other media, who stood guard at the place.

Érica, who lives a few meters from Lezcano’s house, said that on Tuesday she saw him carrying debris in a bag, supposedly from the subfloor he built to hide Nancy’s corpse.

“On Tuesday I went out to buy and the man, I don’t know his name, was with the shovel removing debris. The hall door was open. He looked at me and stared at me, without saying anything. On the way back, he did the same to me. I don’t know if I didn’t want him to look inside, “said the neighbor.

Lezcano, detained since this morning at Comisaría Comunal 4 of the Police of the City of Buenos Aires, lives in Bucharest at 2531. The front of the house has a wooden door with white bars and a window with a blind of the same color.

At the extreme left of the front there is a blue sheet door, with access to the four rooms that Lezcano rented. “Every night noise was heard, it was something normal in the house,” said Érica.

Marcela, the neighbor across the street, said that she also rents a room in her own house and that her tenant’s daughter-in-law used to live in one of Lezcano’s rooms. “He said he was cursed, that he wanted to charge him twice the rent, until he finally left,” the neighbor completed.

This last account would show that Lezcano was only trying to get the highest possible profit from his rooms, but the neighbors suspect other, more alarming purposes, which link the accused with attempts to abuse even a 9-year-old girl, the daughter of one of his tenants. of Colombian origin, extortion that another woman from the interior of the country would also have suffered.

As it transpired, in the absence of payment, Lezcano proposed to forgive their rent in exchange for “lending” their daughters, which the two women refused. After leaving the place, one of them would have returned to her province, where she would have filed the corresponding complaint.

Lezcano “inherited” the house where he was detained after the death of his cousin Osvaldo, with whom he shared the same customs in which all his neighbors agree: frequent visits by women, permanent music and drug use.

After Osvaldo’s death, 8 years ago, his wife, Rosa, disappeared without leaving a trace, and researchers now wonder if she had not suffered the same fate as Videla, since no one believed that she had traveled to Spain (due to lack of resources) just as Lezcano himself allowed to transcend.

At the time of his arrest, Lescano they were unable to take his three-finger fingerprints due to his bricklaying job, that allowed him to build the subfloor where Videla was hidden after her murder.

The man is being held at the 4 Communal Police Station of the City Police, located at 435 Zavaleta Street in the Parque Patricios neighborhood.

Damián Lezcano Mendoza has been entered in the La Plata database accused of simple homicide since August 14, 2012, in a case initiated in the Judicial Department of La Matanza, Court of Guarantees No. 2.


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