Who is the Umbrella Man?

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Protests in the United States

Again and again in the riots in Minnesota, a man with an umbrella and a gas mask is at the forefront. His identity puzzles.

  • There is speculation in the USA about the Umbrella Man
  • The man creates chaos in Minneapolis
  • It is believed that it could be a covert police officer

Speculations about the identity of the so-called Umbrella Man are mounting. The man who repeatedly appears on the front lines during the protests in Minneapolis causes chaos. The stranger is traveling with an umbrella, a hoodie and a gas mask.

The loner was discovered for the first time on Wednesday, according to “Forbes”, when he hit several windows with a hammer. His identity is now speculated on social media. Some believe that the Umbrella Man is a covert policeman who is supposed to cause chaos, others assume that the man is a white racist who takes advantage of the protests.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison has since commented on Umbrella Man on Twitter. He writes: «This man does not look like a civil rights activist, more like a provocateur. Can anyone identify him? » Two police stations have also commented. They denied that the man was a covert police officer.

The authorities in Minneapolis suspect that an increasing number of people who riot – maybe even 80 percent – come from outside the city. Minnesota governor Tim Walz has hinted that white racists and drug cartels may also be involved in the chaos. Walz fears “an organized attempt to destabilize civil society.”

It’s not the first time that a man with an open umbrella is causing excitement in the United States when the weather is nice. After the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas in 1963, a man seen with an umbrella became the subject of various conspiracy theories.


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