who wants a leader and a rear … who no longer know how to shoot?

We knew them on an ejection seat but Shams Charania made the news official: the New Orleans Pelicans would have been open to the idea of ​​transferring Lonzo Ball and JJ Redick and several phone calls have even been made in recent days. Bye bye elders, the future is Nickeil Alexander-Walker and Kira Lewis!

When two of the three full-backs in your main rotation shoot 29% and 30% from behind the arc, respectively… it becomes difficult to win in the current NBA. It is also the door open to a transfer and according to Shams Charania of The Athletic So this is the road that David Griffin and his management would be taking regarding Lonzo Ball and JJ Redick. Several franchises would have also made calls about the two players and the Pelicans would have been receptive to say the least. As a reminder, the trade deadline this year takes place on March 25 and, moreover, players signed during the offseason can be traded from February 6. If Lonzo and Gigi are on the transfer list, it is mainly because they are having a hard time this season in attack. Lonzo Ball, after a very encouraging 2019/20 season in terms of his shoot … has completely plunged this season and again questions arise concerning his ability or not to one day be a drinking shooter in the NBA. The elder Ball is running this season at 12 points, 3.8 rebounds and 5 assists in 32 minutes of play, 39% shooting, 29% parking and 58% free throws. The second choice of the 2017 Draft shows no improvement in attack but on the contrary a significant regression in his shooting percentages. Unable to be effective in the shoot, Lonzo Ball still does not know how to get points on the LF line either, since since his rookie season, Ball has only gone on the line … only once on average per game, too many little to claim a position of indisputable incumbent in the current NBA.

All the star leaders of the League know how to scratch points on the line. Whether it’s Damian Lillard, Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook or more recently Trae Young for example, they all have the ability to impact any game even when they have a shooting day off, by their simple ability to enter and go. look for “easy” points. Ball showed no improvement in this aspect of the game and unfortunately for him the competition has increased this year at the Pelicans back lines. JJ Reddick, for his part, at 36, is having the worst shooting season of his career. With only 30% success behind the 3-point line, compared to his… 41% in career, “Red Zizi” only returned 1.6 of his 5.3 parking attempts per game. Problem, if the former Duke no longer puts his shots, his place on an NBA field is called into question for the simple reason that Redick is unable to defend. His impact then becomes negative and in a team like the Pelicans which is far from being able to cover JJ’s defensive wanderings, the future of the veteran may no longer be on Louisiana’s side. A bunch of franchises should be interested in JJR, however, because even if he’s struggling with shooting, that kind of Kyle Korver-style shooter-veteran profile is still popular. His contract, $ 13 million this season, may nevertheless not facilitate his transfer.

These rumors prove in any case that only Brandon Ingram and Zion Williamson seem untouchable in the bayou and that Stan Van Gundy and his clique intend to build the future of the franchise around these two freaks. Then, by bringing to market Lonzo Ball, who was still supposed to be the future as a leader, management shows that it relies above all on Nickeil Alexander-Walker and Kira Lewis for the long term. NAW has had a superb season so far and with ten minutes less playing time than Lonzo the kid has almost the same scoring averages. Shai’s cousin turns 11 points on average at 45% marksmanship, also remember that he had a match of… 37 points at the beginning of the year against the Clippers, enough to show his management that he’s definitely special. It’s completely free but in comparison Lonzo… never put more than 30 points in an NBA game. Kira Lewis Jr. has only played seven games this season for a total of 60 minutes on an NBA floor. It is therefore difficult to project oneself, but in the event of a trade of Ball, Redick or even both, KLJ risks seeing its playing time increase significantly. Finally, last point, Lonzo Ball is a restricted free agent at the end of the season and we feel that David Griffin will be too lazy to pay him. Ball is one of those young people whose ceiling is hard to locate, which makes it difficult to negotiate to extend it and, above all, there will necessarily be a team that will put more than what NO wants / can put on the table, and instead of seeing LaMelo’s brother leave for the hell, the Pelicans would somehow protect themselves by transferring him right now for a quid pro quo. In addition, the Pelicans’ difficult start to the season did not help the situation for the two full-backs since with a record of five wins for ten losses, including three consecutive, and a disappointing fourteenth place in the West, time is running out for Van Gundy and his staff to finally start the machine and may therefore be that a great upheaval will facilitate the thing.

Lonzo and JJ’s future in Louisiana is on hold. The Pelicans are reportedly open to parting ways with their two full-backs so as not to see them go for free this summer, both being a free agent. The NO project is struggling to take shape and it shows in the results. With the departure of one of the two friends, Nickeil Alexander-Walker’s time may have struck in New Orleans.

Text source: The Athletic

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